Equipment & Certification
With a total floor area of 800,000 square feet, our China plant is equipped with the latest and most advanced international printing machinery and technology. Our offset printing equipment ranges from two-color offset press to eight-color offset press to three casing-in production lines that allows the plant to produce 1000 million impressions per year.
The types of printing equipment and machinery we carry at our 1010 Printing plant:
  • Prepress (Digital)
  • Press Machine
  • Folding / Gathering / Sewing Machine
  • Binding Machine
  • Casing Machine
  • Wire-O Punching Machine
Please take a look at our extensive machine-equipment-list
In addition to the importance of maintaining high-quality industry standards, we are committed to making environmental, social and ethical issues a top priority. 1010 Printing continues to strive for excellence by maintaining our accreditation of the following certifications since we were established in 2005.
(Seal number: C020524)
1010 Printing International Limited - FSCTM Certified Company
1010 Printing Factory - FSCTM Certified Company
Process Standard Offset
Sedex certified
(Sedex Membership number: ZC1035597)
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